LED Driver Replacement is a difficult process. When an LED fixture fails you need to either purchase a new fixture or replace the driver. In most scenarios it’s the LED driver that needs replacement (LED components have a longer shelf life). 


Signs you should replace Your LED Driver

Be on the lookout for Overdriving, a condition that takes place when the driver sends too much power to the LEDs. You can easily spot a unit that is experiencing overdriving, it will be much brighter than the rest of the fixtures. Underdriving is yet another condition where the driver is not sending enough power to the LEDs. Moreover, a unit experiencing underdriving is easy to spot. It will appear dimmer than the rest of the units.


What you need to know when replacing your driver

So you’ve decided to replace the driver, and now what? Take a few minutes to get all the right information before you start making the calls. When looking for a replacement you’ll need to know the following:

  • What type of a fixture is the driver for? Are you working with an indoor/outdoor fixture? Is it sign lighting? Are you working with specialty lighting found in hospitals or sports arenas?
  • What is the output of the fixture you’re working with? Write down the Output Voltage or the operable voltage range of the LED driver.
  • Is it 0-10V dimmable? Not all, but a large number of the drivers in the field are 0-10V dimmable. Knowing this is crucial.
  • What type of a driver are you working with? Is it Constant Current or Constant Voltage? Check the driver’s specs for the voltage range (example 12V, 24V or 14-30V). Your local electrical supply representative will need to know this in order to find you the same exact replacement. Also, note the current rating in amps. Most units are in the range 350 or 700 mA.
  • EMI – is the driver a Class B (residential), or Class A (non-residential) applications.

Consider taking a photo of the driver label as well as the LED module you’re working with. All in all, ordering a replacement with all the necessary information will make it a lot easier.


MAKE IT SIMPLE by using a programmable universal driver

Technically ordering an original OEM replacement LED driver should be easy. You call your local electrical supplier, and the rep on the other side of the phone tells you they have it in stock. Unfortunately, that’s not the norm. More often than not suppliers will not stock the exact driver you’re looking for. Alternatively, even if they can order it there might be a long shipping time before you can get it.

Sounds like a nightmare? In addition, consider upset customers and endless trips to the supply house. It could definitely impact your company’s day to day operation in the least.

In contrast, there’s an alternative. In fact, it’s called the Everline Universal LED driver!

Unlike other LED drivers that are only compatible with a small number of fixtures that meet the specs. EVERLINE’s Universal LED driver can be programmed to the specs of your OEM driver. Their “Touch to Tune” technology allows the user to program its driver to perform just like the original unit. Secondly, there’s an extensive list of OEM manufacturers to choose from. Thirdly, you don’t have to worry about finding the original driver, or dealing with the wait time. Simply visit Willow Electrical Supply or any other authorized Universal Authorized Driver Tuners in the area. Given these points we’ll have you in and out in a matter of minutes. Better yet, you can place the order over the phone, and we’ll have it delivered to your jobsite. Rest assured, the Everline Universal LED driver will work exactly like the OEM unit. To conclude, with Willow Electrical’s service and Everline’s Touch to Tune driver in your tool bag no job is too big to handle.



LED Driver Replacement