Energy Audit

Everybody likes getting a great deal, particularly on items that will continue to save you money every day. At Willow Electrical Supply we realize how important energy costs can affect your bottom line. With an energy audit from Willow Electrical Supply, you could be on your way to saving money in a matter of days. As our certified auditing team points out: “No one likes overpaying for their services”. We are uniquely situated to handle the entire process from audit to rebate to installation. There are still a lot outdated, inefficient lighting products in the market place that can be costing you thousands of dollars each month. Schedule your Energy Audit today and find out how you could be investing money into an energy efficient system while improving the lighting levels for you facility.

How to lower your High Energy Costs

As we all know and have come to expect, energy costs will be continually on the rise causing many consumers to overspend on their energy budgets. For businesses with large, 24-hour 7 days per week operations (supermarkets, strip malls, gas stations, manufacturing facilities), the upgrade is an obvious choice. Most small to medium size organizations are also overspending since their rates are higher due to their lower usage. In most cases the entire cost of the lighting upgrade pays for itself within three years. In addition, many states offer significant rebates to drastically reduce your overall out-of-pocket expenditure. Willow Electric’s Auditing Team is poised to help you lower your energy expenses.

The average return on investment and payback period is 36 months depending on several factors. Most people shy away from replacing their existing lighting systems since it can be a daunting proposition. But if you have considered replacing it for a while, the cost of waiting can be an even more intimidating figure. Regardless of your current situation it is never too late. You can rely on Willow Electric’s for support during all stages of the process. Our experienced lighting team will assist you through all of the steps of upgrading your current setup, all the while taking advantage of the ongoing utility incentive and rebate programs.

Energy Audit


What will an Electricity Audit do for me?

 One of our recent customers owns a facility with 180 250-watt metal halide high bay fixtures. As a result of the upgrade they were able to save over $20,000 in annual energy savings (saved over 200,000 kilowatt hours). What’s more, they also received a rebate for $10,349 from the power company.

If we were to take a look at another of our customers that runs a 24/7 facility with 4,878 CFL lamps, the lighting upgrade drastically changes their energy costs. After the upgrade their energy consumption dropped 30% lower. But how does that translate to monetary benefits? They were able to save $16,292 on their electric bill annually. In addition, they also reduced their HVAC costs by lowering the heat created by the CFL lamps. Moreover, the power company reimbursed them with a $19,661 rebate.

A lighting upgrade combined with the rebates offered by the power companies translate to instant savings for your organization. In addition, this type of an upgrade will also save you money on heating. By eliminating outdated ballasts, your facility will save on HVAC costs, and extend the life of your AC units. Moreover, due to the extended life of the LED fixtures (100,000 hours or greater) you’ll reduce the cost of maintenance by eliminate the need for additional fixture or lamp replacements.

What can I learn from the Audit ?

During the visit our auditor will perform an on-site lighting assessment. Moreover, we’ll take into consideration the number and types of fixtures that are currently utilized in order to accurately propose a new energy-efficient replacement. Our Energy Auditor will help you pick the appropriate lighting solution for your existing system while making sure that you save the most money.

After the audit you’ll receive a report outlining your current energy consumption, and the following details including:

  1. The type of rebate you qualify for
  2. Projected duration of the project
  3. Time it will take to realize the return on the investment
  4. The upfront cost of the upgrade for your facility
  5. The annual energy savings after the completion of the project
  6. Projected improvements to the overall lighting for your facility


How to schedule an Audit?

It is as easy as calling Willow Electric at 847-801-5010 extension 156 or visit one of our locations to schedule an Energy Audit at your facility. We will be happy to review the entire process with you and your team and answer any questions or concerns. Remember, an Energy Audit is just a phone call away. Let us guide you through every step of the way!!