LEVITON Load Center Reinvented

The folks over at Leviton did it again, they raised the bar on the hardest working part of your electrical system – the Load Center. When you think of Leviton you think of technology & innovation but not exactly load centers. A quick glance at one of these units, and you’ll understand why they’re in a class of their own.

Intuitive functionality is one of the key elements that separate the Leviton Load Centers from the rest. Moreover, an electrician has the option to terminate wires at custom logs in the panel, instead of the breaker. In addition, you can wire in the entire panel without the breakers. Finally each panel includes a copper bus as a standard feature.

Notably, this new product is quickly gaining popularity with Willow’s customers. Our longtime customer Eddie of Chicago Wireman he stated that: “installation time and security is much greater with the Leviton Load Center because our guys don’t have to install the breaker until the final stages of the trim out process. In fact, we don’t have to worry about getting the breakers stolen.”

State of the art engineering

To emphasize safety, circuit breakers include Hydraulic-Magnetic trip technology, ensuring precise tripping in hot temperatures. Specifically,if ground or Arc is compromised the GFCI & AFCI circuit  breakers will not reset. For this reason, Leviton’s breakers include LEDs indicating the trip condition, and the type of fault. Consequently, enclosure options include 20, 30 or the 42 position units. Furthermore, the observation window and locking mechanisms are additional options. As always, all units exceed UL standards.

The additional attention to detail and ease of installation make these panels stand out from the competition. I highly recommend that you take a closer look at all new load centers by visiting our showroom. Ultimately, ask for Rafal, our Gear expert. As always, I’m looking forward to serving you!



LEVITON Load Center