Leviton DW15R-1BW


Leviton’s recent addition to the Smart Home family includes the DW15R-1BW. This is a single gang Decora style 15 Amp Smart Electrical Outlet. Unlike its traditional counterparts, this Smart Outlet can control via My Leviton app. Finally, setting up a schedule or controlling this device is a snap with the app. Each outlet has two 15 AMP receptacles. One receptacle is always on, the second receptacle is a controlled outlet.



Control & Integration


 Leviton’s DW15R is a sleek looking electrical outlet. Best yet, each unit comes with the screw-less Decora trim for that high-end look. Its real beauty of this sleek looking device lies on the inside. Controlling the receptacle from anywhere in the world is a snap with the smart app. At the same time the unit is compatible with Virtual Assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google. Finally integrating with the IFTTT service gives you an endless list of possibilities. Those willing to explore the IFTTT site will uncover a plethora of integrations.



Leviton’s DW15R-1BW Smart Outlet can be used to turn on:


-your coffee maker before you wake up

-the humidifier

-the water kettle

-control table lamps

-control and schedule LED or Christmas tree lighting

-schedule it to reboot your internet modem once a day for better connectivity

-make your home lived in by turning on lighting or radios when you’re not home

-reset your server or router remotely without having to physically get up in order to do it

-turn on your Crock Pot just before you get home so the food is nice and warm when you get there

-operate on the floor fan when temperature in the house goes up

-auto-program your landscape lighting

-create a welcoming light scene before you arrive

-turn off your kid’s Nintendo 🙂

-the fish tank and many many more



Easy to Set up


Integration possibilities are endless if you consider all the smart home devices and software integration services. Usually when we think of Smart Homes we think of big electrical panels controlling sensors, switches, lighting, media, CCTV, etc. To clarify, you don’t need all the expensive hubs and panels to get your perfect setup. Instead, you can start with Leviton’s DW15R-1BW or Decora Smart Plug-IN for starters and build your system from there. Additionally, Leviton’s system does not require the use of a hub, instead it can be controlled over Wi-Fi or an app on your Smartphone. By the same token you still get the functionality of a large and elaborate system with a simple outlet change or a plug-in. In a like manner, Leviton is constantly expanding their Home Automation line. With this in mind their recent addition includes the Decora style Voice Dimmer with Alexa built-in. Smart home ecosystem is expanding and getting better. With that said I encourage everyone to get involved and create your very own Smart Home today.






Leviton DW15R-1BW


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