IDEAL Nationals Qualifying event took place on the 19th of March 2019 at ABC trade school right here in Elk Grove, IL. ABC or Associated Builders and Contractors School is a local trade school training future electricians. Consequently, Willow Electrical teamed up with IDEAL Industries in co-hosting this great event. Namely, we figured that this is a great way of giving back to the electrical community. As most of you already know, the IDEAL Nationals are in their third year.

The Qualifying Round events are held all across USA and Canada. Moreover, this event is designed to find the Top electrician in each class ranging from student to professional. In addition, each participant can compete as an individual, or as part of a team. Further, the groups are divided among journeyman or students. Finally, the top qualifiers from each group in the state get to compete at the main event in Florida. Top three contenders are competing for: first place $75,000, second place $25,000, and $10,000 for the third place. Consequently, this event is a great way to check your skills and network with other industry professionals.

In a similar fashion, I hope you guys will sign up for the two IDEAL National Qualifying events at Willow Electrical. Likewise, we have one coming up on the 12th of June at the Chicago branch, and another one on the 13th at the Schiller Park branch. In other words, I hope to see you here competing! So don’t hesitate, RSVP today by giving me a call at: 847.801.5010 extension 998.


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IDEAL Qualifying event at ABC