IDEAL ArmourBand Insulating Wrap is revolutionizing the electrical industry. To point out the IDEAL ArmourBand Insulating Wrap protects by insulating the receptacle. Unlike the regular electrical tape this new wrap can be reused later. It’s easy to remove and adjust during and after installation. Surprisingly, the same wrap can be used for receptacles of different sizes as well. Besides, the wrap does not leave a sticky residue and is flame resistant.

Furthermore, the ArmourBand will save you money by cutting down labor time. To clarify, installing one takes half the time of the regular tape. The cost savings equate to about $2 an hour for a Union electrician. With this in mind, the savings quickly add up when you factor in all of your employees. Consequently, keep an eye out for this product here at Willow Electrical Supply in the coming months.


IDEAL ArmourBand Insulating Wrap




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