How to create your own comfort zone inside your home. What is a comfort zone? A comfort zone is a soothing place. It starts with an idea, a plan.

With the recent events most restaurants, shops and bars are closed, and we’re forced to spend most of our time indoors. Now more than ever before is a great time to update and remodel your living quarters. Depending on your situation, that might mean redoing a bathroom, getting new kitchen cabinets or simply adding a fresh coat of paint. If you’re like us, you probably opted to renovate your bathroom.

How to create your own comfort zone

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A modern bathroom remodel involves getting new sinks, led lighting, quality plumbing fixtures, tiles and possibly a soaking tub. But wait there’s more. Definitely don’t forget the radiant heated floors. Depending on your situation you can opt out for a heated wire installation or a custom matt. They will both heat the floor evenly. This is one of those upgrades people think they don’t need until they try it. Another key point about heated flooring is the heat dispersion. Specifically with traditional central air the area around the vents is the warmest, while other sections of the room often have so-called “cold spots”. Consequently, radiant flooring provides warmth from the floor going up, thus eliminating cold spots. In fact using radiant heating will lower your conventional heating bills.


Generally speaking the installation process is pretty straightforward. In fact Warmup® makes a DIY kit for the average homeowner to install.  Occasionally the added floor height might be an issue. Under those circumstances Nuheat’s ® thin mats can simply adhere to the subfloor. As has been noted radiant heat is a great way to heat up tile floors in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, showers, garages, patios. In addition, Warmup ® makes radiant systems to go under carpeting, wood, laminate and vinyl. Regardless what your application might be there is a system for you. Call our Radiant Heat Experts today for more information. Consequently, we also offer professional on-site design assistance. In effect creating that perfect comfort zone is simple, just takes the proper planning. Nonetheless, good luck renovating and keep in mind that we’re here for you.