Giving back

Giving back to the community and helping the less fortunate is something we take very seriously. As a growing company we feel very grateful to be constantly expanding. We understand what it means to be humble, and grateful. Conversely, what started out as a four person operation is now a multi million dollar business with two locations and almost a hundred employees.

More importantly we feel fortunate to be a part of a large Willow family, a place where we have others to rely upon in times of need. Moreover, most of us are part of even larger biological families, neighborhoods, and religious communities. Notably, we realize that it is our responsibility to step up and contribute when our communities fall on hard times.

Contribute back

Here at Willow Electrical we realize how important it is to give back to the community. There are many ways to contribute back. From volunteering & sponsorship to non-profit, there are many ways to get involved. Although volunteer groups and non-profits do a lot to help out they can’t do it alone. More importantly Team Willow enjoys the feeling of satisfaction that comes along with giving back to the community. Granted we normally sponsor the Special Olympics every year in June. Yet this time we decided that we could do much more.


Our marketing director Roman Wlodarski decided that we could donate our legacy lighting fixtures to non-profit organizations. Consequently, he reached out to over twenty different groups including schools, non-profits, and churches. Further, the program ended up being a major success. In fact, we’ve donated over twenty-one pallets of lighting products to the local non-profit organizations. Not only did we make many new friends in the greater Chicagoland, we have felt great giving back to the community.


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