Factory tour at Elite Lighting‘s factory HQ in Commerce, California was a great opportunity for us to go behind the scenes. During the visit, our team underwent the product training and got to participate in the manufacturing process. Consequently, we got to meet the people behind the scenes. Specifically we got to meet Elite’s Product Guru also known as Hamid Rashidi. Moreover, in a matter of just two days Hamid was able to go over more technical information than any of my IT instructors in college. To put it another way, Hamid knows lighting, and knows how to explain it in a way that gets everybody’s attention. Undoubtedly, this one the most informative technical training I got to participate in.

Factory tour

Following the classroom training, we got a tour of the factory. I know, I know – you’re probably thinking – BORING, but NO that wasn’t the case at all. Both my co-worker and I got to participate in the assembly of an LED fixture! Naturally, we actually got them to work – really! Finally, if that wasn’t exciting enough we also learned to program the LED drivers. Granted it might sound like I’m really geeking out on this, but that’s because I AM. To clarify it’s not every day that you get to participate in the manufacturing process during your factory tour. All in all, that’s what I call a very memorable experience. With this in mind we’ve learned a wealth of information about the new technologies such as the Tunable White or the Smart Hue.

Lessons learned

To conclude, our Factory Tour at Elite Lighting was a very hands on experience. The whole time we were surrounded by industry professionals involved in the R&D, production, logistics, and sales aspects of the product development. Subsequently, our industry and product knowledge increased tenfold. What’s more we got to talk to most of Elite’s workforce face to face, and establish positive relations. In addition, our team was able to network with other industry professionals like us from other parts of the country that attended the training. Finally, I’m glad we got to attend the training. As a result, going forward we’ll be able to provide our customers better service.





Elite Lighting Factory Visit