Cooper Lighting Raffle
Cooper Lighting Raffle

Congrats to Mirek from Ace Electric Group

Finally, the raffle everybody has been waiting for!

Generally speaking we have many loyal Cooper Lighting customers. In brief, these are the customers that have been installing Cooper going back into the 90s. Over time, they became accustomed to the build quality that one expects from a Cooper Lighting product. Consequently, everyone was excited to hear about the Cooper raffle.

To summarize, every $250 purchase of in-stock Cooper Lighting (previously EATON Lighting) qualified for a raffle ticket. In addition, leading up to the main even there was a raffle for the $25 Gift Certificate. Finally, the Yeti cooler goes out to the winner of the Main drawing. Given these points, congratulations to Mirek for winning the Yeti Roadie 20! Although, Ace Electric Group is the new home of this Yeti we'll have more raffles coming up. In the meantime stay tuned for the upcoming raffles.

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