Yesterday was a Broan Nutone Counter Day at Willow Electrical Supply Inc. at the Schiller Park location. Our customers had a chance to learn about the latest Nutone Broan products, as well as enjoy a free breakfast. Nicholas Morley of Broan-Nutone was on site, performing product Demos and answering questions.

What originally started as door Chime Company back in 1936, is currently America’s leading brand of residential convenience products. According to research over 86% of contractors would recommend their products to others. Currently, the company’s lineup includes Central Vacuum Systems, Door Chimes, Home Automation products, as well as Bathroom Fans.


Broan Sensonic Bath Fan

One of the most popular Broan products nowadays includes the Sensonic Bluetooth fan. Bathroom fans have been around for ages, yet only a few companies make a fan that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. Moreover, this is one of those products that the more you use it, the more you fall in love with. Two small built-in speakers fill the room with rich sound, yet they don’t take up any room because they make up a part of the fan itself. Staying hidden behind the Fan grill also means that you don’t need additional holes in the walls, thus eliminating the need to run additional speaker wires. Traditional Bluetooth speakers rob you of valuable counter space and get in the way while you’re cleaning, but that’s not the case with the Sensonic Speaker Fan.

Broan Bluetooth fan with cover removed

We actually did a test install during our counter day to get familiar with the product. The installation was pretty straightforward, just like a typical fan installation. I began by turning on the Fan itself, then enabling my phone’s Bluetooth, and finally pairing with the Fan. For the purpose of this test I’ve used my LG V10 phone, but I can’t imagine that the manufacturer makes a difference. While the installation only took a few minutes, the pairing process was even quicker. (For more information, please see the pictures) Basically, in a manner of minutes, we were able to install an ENERGY STAR qualified fan, and listen to the Dual High Fidelity Sensonic speakers. All this while enjoying the extremely quiet fans.

Broan NuTone Counter Day Smartphone Application for the Bluetooth Fan


Video Doorbell

Another recent addition to the Broan family is the NuTone Knock Smart Video Doorbell Camera. Unlike the typical Video camera doorbells available on the market, Nutone Knock uses existing home wiring. Installing one is a great way to update your existing doorbell system. The installation is quick because it uses the existing wiring, taking doorbell system to the 21st century in a manner of minutes. What makes it great is the convenience factor. The Knock’s motion sensing technology lets you know who’s at the door regardless of the time of the day. Armed with your smartphone or tablet you can answer anybody that rings your doorbell regardless of your geographical location in the world.

Broan NuTone Counter Day Smartphone Application

Broan NuTone Counter Day


The Counter day was a success. Many electrical contractors showed up to learn about the latest products from NuTone Broan, all while enjoying the free breakfast from Panera Bread. Never miss the latest news, sign up to our newsletter and get the latest updates on our events & promotions.

Thank you all for coming!